Thursday, February 19, 2009

Greetings From Rexburg

Hey, So i don't really have anything to write, but Sister Duce keeps begging me to write something so here i go....i am in Rexbug and i love it. i love the snow, i love school, i love living on my own, and i love my roommates (they are the best ever). i'm not taking any really interesting classes. i like my animal science class and on monday i start my horse riding class. i guess that can be classified as interesting. i am on the ward floor hockey team, i'm in the Postsecondary Agriculture Society, Animal Science Society, and i am a Relief Society teacher. i was really nervous to teach Relief Society, but it was really fun. The picture is at the livestock center. They have the cutest lambs. Well, some of the cutest ever. i keep pretty bust with school, extra stuff, scholarships, and work. i work at the school kitchen as a chef. Yah it's pretty cool, but let me tell you 10 hours of cooking on Saturdays is really long, but a job is a job. Anyways i need to finish my homework (which is never ending).