Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's Almost time to go back to Idaho. I can't believe it. Time has gone so fast in a slow sort of way. I am getting really excited to go back. I just got my EMT class I really needed. There is one class each semester and there are only 24 seats. I checked every day to see if there was an opening for a few weeks and the other day it had one opening. It was amazing. Im super excited to see my friends, but I will miss everyone here.
I can't believe I am 20. It seems so old to me even though I know it's really not that old at all. Tomorrow I am taking Rachel to the zoo. She is so excited she wouldn't leave my side when I got home from work. She kept asking and making sure we were still going tomorrow. She is so funny. I will sure miss that kid. Lets just say I am by far her favorite:) Oh, and I have recently discovered the world of Smurfs and I think they are the coolest ting ever. I asked my parents why I was deprived of them during my childhood. I didn't get any solid answers.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Future

So I have decided to change my major. I am going to be a Paramedic. I am so excited. It will defiantly be hard and a lot of work, but I am ready. I officially changed my major on Friday to Emergency Services Administration.

I bought 26 baby chickens from Iowa. I sold all of them except the 5 we kept. They are fun little pets and also quite useful. They are bigger now, but still get picked on by my bigger chickens. It was a fun little project while being at home. I was planning on actually making money, but I broke close to even. At least I learned what to do and what not to do.

This is Flo. She is the best chicken ever. She is very friendly and has taken the task of watching my baby chickens. At first she didn't like them and would ignore them, but now she wont let them leave her sight. It's kind of cute.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Showing sheep. Thats me on the end in the black.

I caught this fish. It is a silver and it was HUGE!!!!

Me and Claire. She is Fluffy's lamb.

This is a super cute little sheep.

This is a pretty cool cat. He has like 6 toes.

This is the Skagit County Fair. Thats Linda on the right and me showing Claire.

I took this picture by my friends house. I thought it was pretty.

Well Im back in Washington. It's kind of weird, but it's fun to see my friends. I have been busy running and going to fairs.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Provo Freedom Festival 10K

Heather, Me, and Kelsey after our race. It was fun. Muhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

This is at the VERY beginning of the race..... why I am smiling I have no clue:)

So I ran another race. I ran the Provo Freedom Festival 10K. It was a little fun. Just a little.... well maybe a little more than a little. Emily ran the 5K and Nicole didn't run because she had bronchitis. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dam Marathon and JESIKA

All of us after our race. 

All of us roommates. We had a good time it was super fun. We survived. 


Our sleepover. Every saturday night this is our party. 

Jesika is here and we made fudge nuggets. I'm so excited she is here. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Teton Dam Marathon ....... Or in my case the 5K

Saturday I am running the Teton 5K. I know.... who would have thought. My roommate Kelsey talked me into running it. It's actually not to bad and I might even enjoy running a little bit. We have been running Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I am also on the swim team and we swim Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am really enjoying it. 

During the Memorial Day weekend break I went to Lehi, Utah and stayed with Kelsey. Ryan, Kelsey's boyfriend bleached a section of our hair. That was the first time I have ever done anything with  my hair. It's not all that crazy, but I am a boring person so for me it's pretty exciting.    

The other night it was raining and on our way home we decided to go puddle jumping. It was so much fun. We got soaked. People thought we were crazy, but we were having fun.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chugging Along

I'm still surviving the semester. It's only been a week and a half, but it feels like it's been forever. I miss my old roommates, but I like my new ones. I'm going to be on the swim team, and I'm not so sure about that. I am excited for the weather to get warm so we can start doing fun stuff outside. I planted some flowers in a bucket on our porch. I enjoy planting and taking care of plants. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Don't Cry Cause it's Over Smile Cause it Happened!

So it's almost the end of the semester. In a way that is a great, but that just means two of my roommates are leaving. I'm not sure I can handle it. I'm excited to go to Provo and visit my sisters. This semester has been great and I wouldn't trade anything for it.

We went to Nampa (Idaho) to Jesika's house. It was great. We played Rock Band. Super fun!

My 1st Semester at BYU Idaho - Written by Laura McKeen

I would like to thank my amazing roommates who gave me the best semester I could ever have.
Jesika, Lexi, Kariann, Jessica, and McKenzie

(All events in this story are true) I defiantly didn't write this during math class!

The early morning sky is clear and crisp
I see a squirrel eating out of a bag of chips,
I round the corner and dodge the car
What a bummer I have to walk this far,
I fight against the wind to get up the hill
It feels like I am almost standing still,
I make it to the top and oh what a sight
Then I go home and decide to fly a kite,
They say it's too windy for the kite to fly
But I say it will go up very high,
It's devotional today and we walk to the Hart
I wish we could ride in a horse drawn cart,
We sit on her bed to finish our assignments
I feel like a prisoner in a little confinement,
We go to the Planetarium to see the stars
Too bad I feel asleep when we were looking at Mars,
We wash the dishes every night
We do it without holding any spite,
Jesika washes and I dry
While McKenzie avoids getting a fork in her eye,
Come Saturday night it's time for our sleepover
Out with the mattresses we always sleep in order,
We shove the blankets in the cracks but there's no time to rest
Sunday morning I get drug out of bed like a bird from her nest,

We went to The Best of Guitars Unplugged. That was fun. Man could some of those people sing and play. It was amazing, and of course I went with the coolest roommates.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Life Here In Rexburg

This is Fleet. I ride her for my horse riding class. She is a pretty cool horse, and like any other horse she has somewhat of an attitude, but she is fun.

I took this picture yesterday and I thought it was just beautiful.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

How Time Flies

Man, I can't believe that the semester is almost over. It has been the best time of my life ever. My horse riding class is defiantly my favorite. My horses name is Fleet she is pretty cool. We just got back from stadium singing. That is a lot of fun. Sad computer totally died and I lost all of my pictures from this semester. I am so so so bummed about that. Um, I went to the planetarium and that was a lot of fun. My wisdom teeth are killing me so I'm getting them out during our on week break between semesters. That is a super bummer way to spend my one week off, but it's better than waiting till the end of July. Tonight I register for my next semester classes and I have no clue what I'm going to take. I'm super excited for not this weekend, but next weekend when we are all going to Nampa, Idaho to Jesika's house. Fun. Anyways, I would upload some pictures, but I don't have any.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Greetings From Rexburg

Hey, So i don't really have anything to write, but Sister Duce keeps begging me to write something so here i go....i am in Rexbug and i love it. i love the snow, i love school, i love living on my own, and i love my roommates (they are the best ever). i'm not taking any really interesting classes. i like my animal science class and on monday i start my horse riding class. i guess that can be classified as interesting. i am on the ward floor hockey team, i'm in the Postsecondary Agriculture Society, Animal Science Society, and i am a Relief Society teacher. i was really nervous to teach Relief Society, but it was really fun. The picture is at the livestock center. They have the cutest lambs. Well, some of the cutest ever. i keep pretty bust with school, extra stuff, scholarships, and work. i work at the school kitchen as a chef. Yah it's pretty cool, but let me tell you 10 hours of cooking on Saturdays is really long, but a job is a job. Anyways i need to finish my homework (which is never ending).