Sunday, April 5, 2009

Don't Cry Cause it's Over Smile Cause it Happened!

So it's almost the end of the semester. In a way that is a great, but that just means two of my roommates are leaving. I'm not sure I can handle it. I'm excited to go to Provo and visit my sisters. This semester has been great and I wouldn't trade anything for it.

We went to Nampa (Idaho) to Jesika's house. It was great. We played Rock Band. Super fun!

My 1st Semester at BYU Idaho - Written by Laura McKeen

I would like to thank my amazing roommates who gave me the best semester I could ever have.
Jesika, Lexi, Kariann, Jessica, and McKenzie

(All events in this story are true) I defiantly didn't write this during math class!

The early morning sky is clear and crisp
I see a squirrel eating out of a bag of chips,
I round the corner and dodge the car
What a bummer I have to walk this far,
I fight against the wind to get up the hill
It feels like I am almost standing still,
I make it to the top and oh what a sight
Then I go home and decide to fly a kite,
They say it's too windy for the kite to fly
But I say it will go up very high,
It's devotional today and we walk to the Hart
I wish we could ride in a horse drawn cart,
We sit on her bed to finish our assignments
I feel like a prisoner in a little confinement,
We go to the Planetarium to see the stars
Too bad I feel asleep when we were looking at Mars,
We wash the dishes every night
We do it without holding any spite,
Jesika washes and I dry
While McKenzie avoids getting a fork in her eye,
Come Saturday night it's time for our sleepover
Out with the mattresses we always sleep in order,
We shove the blankets in the cracks but there's no time to rest
Sunday morning I get drug out of bed like a bird from her nest,

We went to The Best of Guitars Unplugged. That was fun. Man could some of those people sing and play. It was amazing, and of course I went with the coolest roommates.

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