Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's Almost time to go back to Idaho. I can't believe it. Time has gone so fast in a slow sort of way. I am getting really excited to go back. I just got my EMT class I really needed. There is one class each semester and there are only 24 seats. I checked every day to see if there was an opening for a few weeks and the other day it had one opening. It was amazing. Im super excited to see my friends, but I will miss everyone here.
I can't believe I am 20. It seems so old to me even though I know it's really not that old at all. Tomorrow I am taking Rachel to the zoo. She is so excited she wouldn't leave my side when I got home from work. She kept asking and making sure we were still going tomorrow. She is so funny. I will sure miss that kid. Lets just say I am by far her favorite:) Oh, and I have recently discovered the world of Smurfs and I think they are the coolest ting ever. I asked my parents why I was deprived of them during my childhood. I didn't get any solid answers.

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